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With the recent changings introduced by the EU decree and by the always more frequent checks of the authorities, it is important to respect the norms and regulations, in order not to have problems.

Which are the legal conditions that a beauty center must respect?

Here we have the main principles:

  1. All the solarium devices must have identification targets indicating UV type, Watts used. In case of checkup the absence of this target leads to an immediate block of the device.
  2. All the solarium devices must have an instruction book and maintenance. In this one, we can find the device certification and the irradiation values.
  3. In the cabin all the advertences must be placed. Usually these are given with the device. With the introduction of the decree new advertences and user information have been approved and they must be integrated with the previous. If you do not have the advertences you can contact us to have a copy or download them from the section download after registering.
  4. The device certification must be updated to the most recent normative. If on you device certification  there are EN 60335-2-27 A1 A2 norms, your device is conformed to the new norms. In case there are not, you must contact the producer to re-certificate the device. It is important to know that only the producer has the authority to make arrangements; do not trust other companies which, in the majority of the cases, cannot issue a valid certification which respects checkups.


What to do if you are not respecting the norm:

In case you are not respecting all the requirements, you have to make some adaptations.

In case the device certification (which is usually placed into the book or as a document and it has the name “Conformity declaration”), is not updated, you will have to contact the producer of the device. Be careful to contact only the true producer calling the number you fin on the book.

Be careful when you have second-hand devices. In case you decided to buy one, make sure you are given the first certification which has to respect the A1 A2. To check you must find “it respects the EN 60335-2-27 norm and A1 A2 updating” or similar.  All the devices must respect the norm, even the ones which were built before the decree and the normative.


It is important to remember that, for the majority of the producers, the certification is linked to the use of original replacements, certified by the producer.

Which are the risks you can run if you do not respect the norm?

When the authorities does the checkup and the devices do not respect the norm a little bit of time is given to comply with the law. If after this period (which can be of a week or months) the devices do not respect the norm, the license might be counterdemanded.

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