Tanning Lamp

The differences with the Sun and the effects on our skin

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Tanning lamp is a device which uses the UV emission of some special lamps in order to bronze people.

This is the basis of the process of tanning lamps. On the market there are devices which emit UV with two technologies, high and low pressure.

UV rays which are emitted by the tanning lamp bronze thanks to a physiological reaction of our skin, the production of melanin, which transforms the rays energy into heat.

This process occurs either when we go out in the Sun or when we use a tanning lamp.

Physiologically the reaction to the Sun and to the tanning lamp is the same, the difference between them is the intensity and the UV quality emitted by the Sun and by the tanning lamp.

The Sun has an emission whose intensity and quality vary a lot according to a lot of reasons: the latitude we are, the moment of the day, the presence in that area of a protective ozone stratum. Other factors change the UV radiation we receive, such as the reflection of the ground (which is very high when we are on the snow).

In the tanning lamp, both intensity and quality are determined by the distributor of the solarium through some simple technical tricks. The tanning lamp could be more or less strong (normative in order to prevent exaggerations are important) and with a high or low percentage of UVA or UVB rays. The modern tanning lamp which must respect the emission of UV rays which make it secure for our skin if used properly.

To prevent consequences, on the book of every tanning lamp the maximum number of minutes that can be used in a year is indicated, they are calculated according to a particular curve which takes into account the differences between UVA and UVB.

normativa solarium grafico
Ponderation curve for UV (regulation EN 60335-2-27 A1)

Some simple modern tanning lamps tricks for security are for example the use of particular filters (UVISOL) which have a transparence to UV calibrated on the European kind of skin, the use of electronic supply to regulate power and it also allows to use the tanning lamps with clear phototypes and there is a protection which blocks the device in case of filter breakdown.

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