Avatar PRO is the most relaxing sunbed in high pressure.



Thanks to its soft mattress, and to the open no-panic design, lay down on Avatar PRO will be a pleasure as enjoy sun on a beach, but in complete relax on a soft bed. 


High Pressure Tanning Technology

High pressure tanning technology use bulbs with a very high power, till 650 watt, where ultraviolet are filtered inside a UV crystal, studied by our engineers to optimize tanning.

The HP technology allow to study a very detailed UV spectrum output, and bring to people tanning results without burnt on skin and with the maximum safety. All our equipment use as standard the UVISOL Filters, glass, that are the top in crystal UV filter technology.



Unmistakable Design


Sinuous, elegant and modern italian design, to show personality and originality.


The columns with bulbs are suspended and they are positioned carefully to get a perfect incidence of the beam. This brings a better tanning performance and remove bad feelings about stay inside a small space. So you can enjoy the same thrill of a beach, safe and relaxing.