What are "Collagen Lamps" and how do they work? 



Several centers have been successfully integrating the technology called simply "Collagen Lamps" for some years now.
But do "Collagen Lamps" really work?
First of all let's start by saying that the name "Collagen Lamps" is just a generalization.

On the market there are different machines, all called in this way.
More commonly, reference is made to tanning lamps (Solarium, sunbeds...) which also integrate lamps with red light.

It is scientifically proven that red light with wavelenght close to 630 nm has the effect of stimulating the natural production of collagen by skin fibroblasts'.

However, there are several variations: machines that can only perform tanning treatments with collagen, which use tubes that emit both red and ultraviolet light at the same time.

Lamps that divide the two treatments and allow you to select the type of treatment (only tan, only collagen or tan and collagen).

Or even machines that are born to do only the COLLAGEN treatment, without any tan.
The latter are also often used in the medical and sports field, as they also have effects on the body's energy, and on tissue regeneration, as well as having an anti-inflammatory effect.


But then does "Collagen Lamps" work?



Generally we can say yes, but clearly we must always divide the good ones from the less good ones.

The lamps that have tubes that make Collagen and Tanning together are the least effective. Mixing the two frequencies in fact the result is only a slight collagen stimulation, which fails to compensate for the effects of photo-aging caused by UV.

A greater effect instead is when separating the tubes, so that each one works at its specific frequency, and activates the correct cells (melanocytes or fibroblasts).


The last generation, available from 2019, is represented by the COLLAGEN LED lamps, which integrate, instead of fluorescent tubes for collagen stimulation, high-power LEDs, which have a better penetration into the skin, and an activating wavelength more specific.
Clearly also the quantity, in addition to technology, has its weight, and therefore the devices that can do both treatments will never be as effective as those that perform only a specific treatment.
In this sense, there are machines that perform only the Collagen treatment, or only COLLAGEN LED, which are definitely more effective and that have no effect only on the skin, but also reduce the inflammatory state of the body and stimulate the production of ATP and therefore of energy.

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