We have two possible solutions:

  1. To rely on a specialized society which deals with franchising or turnkey centers
  2. Do everything alone saving money according to the size of the centre


(For synthetic information: Bronzing centre-what to know)


In the case we decided to do everything alone, the very first essential requirement is (obviously after finding the place), to have a beauty specialist on hand and she/he will be the technical guarantor for the aesthetic centre and solarium (she/he will always be present in the centre).

Depeding by local laws you can need or not a dedicated figures.


The second step is to find a company who will deal with the realization of the furniture. A good carpentry is usually the ideal interlocutor. You can have your project realized directly by the carpentry or by Smart Solarium, who will provide you the complete projects in 3 dimensions without any other expense.


The third step is to contact Smart Solarium, to choose the devices and receive the quotation.


The fourth step is to contact a leasing company to deal with to make the payment of the devices and the furniture. As long as medium costs for a solarium are concerned, refer to the article solarium profitability.


Then a request to electric company should be made in order to get the current needed. Sunlamps need three-phase 380volt current (industrial type) with 5 poles.

You can delegate the building of all the system to an electrician put on the roll, who will be free to contact us in case of doubts. The request to electric company must be commensurate with the type and the quantity of the machines. The medium solarium power is 40KW.


At the end, once we have the place, the devices, the current and the beauty specialist, we must make a request to your local authorities which will check and will give us the ok to start.

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