From October, 1st the 60335-2-27 normative modification A2, obliges who has to replace low pressure tubes emitters to replace them with others with the same equivalence code, in order to maintain the same irradiation given by the manufactor.

In many cases only original components allow to maintain guarantee and certification, let’s try to understand what we have to do when we have to change the lamps.

First of all it is necessary to check that the equivalence code is indicated in the maintenance and use manual. This is a number which distinguishes the bronzing tube emission.

How is this code and where can we find it?

In every new generation tube it is next to the bulb name, where the power is also indicated, whereas in the device book it depends on the producer. The equivalence code is composed of 4 values, for example:

160-R 30/1,6

  1. The first number distinguishers the tube watts ( in this case 160W)
  2. The second is the reflection angle (bronzing tube often have a reflective part to improve efficiency) and it indicates the angle of this too. R is a reflective angle between 220 and 230 degrees (they are on the A2).
  3. The third one states the total UV eradiation for sun rash in 250nm-400 nm interval, a single and simple value which well expresses the tube emission power.
  4. The fourth indicates the relation of UV radiation for   NMSC lower or equal to 320 nm and higher 320 nm. It is the ratio between UVA and UVB according to the melanoma curve

Remember that, when you replace the tubes, to put another one with the same equivalence code indicated on the book or on another document.

Smart also remembers that “ 0,3 tubes” does not exist since they are not bulbs or lamps but devices that respect the normative and a lot depends on the characteristics of the device (number of lamps, distance from the person, permeability of filters which are between the used and the tube e.g  plexiglass).

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