In our solarium line we have both high and low pressure bronzing machines.

Which are the differences between these two technologies? Let’s start to bring out which are high and low pressure machines.

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At a visual level, it easy to identify a low pressure machine for the presence of neon tubes which can be even 2 meters long.

High pressure machines use bulbs which are situated in a reflective satellite dish.

Lampada abbronzante a bassa pressione

The main difference between the two technologies is the emission of the rays: low pressure machines show a higher component of UVB rays (in the order of 2%), whereas their percentage in high pressure machines is definitely lower. What does this involve? This difference in the emission determines different reactions of the skin.

As already explained, (see article what is suntan) UVB rays tend to irritate our skin more but they involve an increase in melanin. Overdoing the low pressure machine may lead to sunburns and sun rashes but, with a proper exposure to the sun, a low pressure gives a less intense but more lasting suntan than high pressure.

Lampada abbronzante ad alta pressione

High pressure gives a less lasting suntan than low pressure but it has the advantage to be more secure and to give a more intense bronzed skin.

When it is possible we advise to solarium centers to have their customers doing a low pressure sunlamp before (it stimulates the production of melanin) and then, after some days, a high pressure sunlamp which tans without burning.

This process ensures to take the maximum advantage of melanin, giving a perfect suntan.

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