Do tanning beds work?

Do the lamps is a simple and economic matter, and it gives excellent results for the well-being and physical appearance.

There are many doubts and questions for those who want to make the tanning lamps and want to learn more.

Many people ask: do tanning beds harm to health?

In general, it is useful to remember how anything taken to excess, has negative implications. Do the lamps has many effects on the organism, some interrelated, others less, and they are all related to the action that even the Sun has on humans. There are highlighted, in the risk/benefits ratio, many tanning beds properties:

-          Stimulation of vitamin D, which is essential for bones, in particular to secure the calcium and that is able to prevent many other disorders

-          Stimulation of the immune system

-          Improvement of the mood and tone of the circadian cycle.

Several studies show that the risk/benefit ratio is in favor of ultraviolet rays, with important declarations from world-renowned doctors as Umberto Veronesi.

Possible negative effects are:

-          Acceleration of the collagen breakdown in people with decaying skin (accelerates skin aging)

-          Increased degree of melanoma incidence on the skin from 0,020 % (20 cases per 100000 people) to 0,035 % about.


Do tanning beds affect pregnancy?

No, law prohibits doing tanning beds during pregnancy.

Do tanning beds work during the menstrual cycle?

Yes, there is no problem in this respect, although the hot, if you already suffer of low blood pressure, could make you feel a little dizzy.

And doing tanning beds with birth control pills?

In this case, there is no contraindication to health. Some people may experience, depending on the medicines they are taking, an uneven Tan. Anyway, you should check the package insert if the medication can cause photosensitivity.

Do tanning beds make you orange?

Absolutely not. Fake tan makes you orange, UV tanning device brings you a natural color, just like Sun.

Do tanning beds have vitamin D?

Yes and no. Your organism makes Vitamin D, so important for bones and the whole body, when you get in contact with UV. This stimulation let you have a good quantity of Vitamin D, essential for a healthy life.

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