Shopping guide for tanning lamps

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We often face situation in which an important investment is carried out such as buying solarium devices without any previous experience. Nowadays sunlamp service is fundamental in a successful beauty center, nut it is not easy to choose the right device according to our activity.

The right tanning lamp may bring many customers and a good profit  but the wrong device may be a wrong investment.

There is not a “right choice” for all the activities

In general when the choice is to give a “minimum” bronzing service the choice should be a device which guarantees the most high profitability and use diffusion and also a device which do not occupy too much space.

If the activity is more complicated and refers to a particular kind of customers, the choice changes.


Let’s make some groups according to the measurements of the place.

These are only suggestions and they are not binding.

Beauty Salon (40-60 mq):

In this case the most indicated choice is a low pressure sun shower, like the Gold, which provides a complete bronzing service, or the new PLATINUM, which guarantees a  photo rejuvenation and collagen service which can really make the difference.
Doccia Solare abbronzante Gold

A sun shower as GOLD guarantees an optimum profit (the cost in terms of electric energy is almost 0,50euros, compared to a selling price of 8euros) and it is a very famous kind of device.

In case of activities situated in particular competitive situations, where there is a wide service solarium offer, you can take into account the hypothesis of making an investment on a High pressure sun shower X5, not cumbersome and able to provide a more specific service and less devalued.

Wellness and Beauty Salon from 60 to 80 square meters

In this case we it might be advisable to offer a basic bronzing service, but more complete.

Gold Body sun tan is not enough and it must be combined with one or two devices for facial bronzing (such as Alien 6 esafacial device)


A typical configuration is: 1 Low pressure sun shower Gold, 2 esafacial bronzing face Alien 6

Lampada abbronzante trifacciale esafacciale alien

Tanning and Beauty Salon from 60 to 100 square meters:

With a  premises of these dimensions, if we want to focus our activity on the solarium, we might choose 4 devices: 1 high pressure sun shower X5, 1 low pressure Gold sun shower, 2 esafacial Alien 6.

Maintaining the space for one or two further aesthetic cabins will complete the service and a space for nail repair should be left.

Polyfunctional beauty and tanning salon from 100 to 150 square meters

As long as metratures increase, it is important to increase services too. IN this case, counting basic aesthetic activity, nail repair and beauty area, there might be two different solarium solutions:

First solution, more solarium: 2 solarium beds Vyper 360, 2 esafacial Alien 6, 2 high pressure sun showers X6.

Second Solution, more solarium: 3 Gold sun showers, 1 UV colagene and uv shower Platinum, 3 esafacial Alien 6, 1 high pressure sun shower X6,

SPA and advanced beauty and tanning salon over 150 square meters:Lettino solare Avatar

In this case it might be advisable to give a complete service to everyone and introduce every kind of device, an example is: 1 Vyper 360 sun bed, 1 avatar 2 sun bed, 2 low pressure sun showers Gold, 1 Uv shower+colagene Platinum, 2 high pressure sun showers X6, 3 esafacial Alien 6.


Some rules that must be the backbone of your offer:

-vary the body and face offer

-double face offer (face bronzing three-facials and esafacials devices often work in tandem)

-vary the high/low pressure offer

-Check what closest centers offer


It is important to study every situation properly, with the help of an expert.


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