Tanning lamps before summer - how preparing for summer tanning

Summer and the days spent on the beach are at the gate waiting for us.

How can we protect our skin from sun rushes and sunstrokes?

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The mechanism our body uses and that nature has given us is suntan. Thanks to this, we are able to go out in the sun without any problem. It is always important to respect our phototype and do not exaggerate but, with a good suntan prepared in our solarium center, we can face summer nicely.

First of all, it is necessary to despell the mith that tanning lamps do not protect from the sun, quite the reverse! Tanning lamps before summer are a valid help to your body.

lampade prima dell'estate

Of course it is important to understand how suntan works with tanning lamps and which are their effects on our organism.

Tanning lamps divide into two big technologies: high and low pressure.

This difference doesn’t mean that one is stronger  than the other, but only the gas pressure into the lamp.

At a practical level, this leads to a major percentage of UVB on a total UV on low pressure devices and a lower UVB percentage on the total of UV on the high pressure devices (let’s say a medium of 98%UVA and 2% on low pressure and 99,5% UVA and 0,5 %UVB on high pressure devices).

This leads to a great difference as far as suntan and protection are concerned.

Low pressure has the effect to stimulate the melanocytes in the production of new melanin (which is a protection) and to make the superficial stratum of the skin more thick. Its effect is visible after few hours and it is more lasting.

High pressure has the effect to color melanin already present. Its effect is short-term.


In order to get a great protection from summer sun, it is advisable to complete a session of 4-5 treatments in low pressure, which will help your skin to product more melanin, and then one or two session in high pressure before leaving for your holyday or you sun exposure, so that melanin activates and you will be completely protected. If you have high pressure sessions before leaving, it won’t provide you a proper protection.

Remember to go out in the sun during proper moments of the day, to drink a lot of water and to protect your most sensitive parts with a cream.

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