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In the short history of artificial bronzing one of the greatest changes we could notice was the proportional increase in sun showers to the detriment of sun beds. Sun shower has brought many advantages and a better hygiene. Let’s analyze the differences, the advantages and disadvantages both of sun beds and sun showers.

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Advantages and disadvantages of sun shower compared to sun bed

Doccia Solare

First of all it is necessary to remember that, as sun beds, the first sun showers were low pressure ones. This technology, well tested for sun beds, was used from the beginning of the 90s also to produce sun showers. It was only recently that sun showers have taken off, the first ones   were built only after 2000 by some Italian companies which desired to change, and one of them was Smart Solarium.

Why the sun shower and not the comfortable sun bed?

First of all, if in other European countries it is a less important problem, in Italy there’s a great lack in space. The majority of the solariums in Italy is located in historic centers or in very populated urban areas where rentals are very high and, as a consequence, space is precious. A sun shower is, from an investment point of view, surely more profitable than a sun bed.

The sun shower allows us to save a lot of space, sometimes occupying a 1 meter *1 meter space, in order to use the remaining space for an aesthetic activity or for other solariums. (see Gold sun shower)


Comparing it to a sun bed, sun shower is more hygienic. The parts of the body which are in contact with the machine are only feet and hands. It allows the people who run the center to spend less time to clean the device between a session and another. The sun bed requires more time to be cleaned.

Lastly, suntan is generally more homogeneous because UV rays touch the skin without ever passing through glasses or Plexiglas.

doccia solare bassa pressione interno

Internal view of a GOLD sun shower tower in low pressure for tanning

Of course even the sun bed has advantages: it permits more relax, essential for customers of a beauty center who have more time. Even the tubes work better: as said before low pressure technology was born for sun beds and this makes UV tubes, used in vertical position, have a return in terms of lasting, almost cut by half comparing with a tube used in a horizontal position.

Lettino solare

Low pressure Sun shower, high pressure sun shower

(also see high and low pressure)

As already mentioned in the beginning of the article los pressure sun shower was the first to appear on the market: easier, less expensive and with great returns.

Why high pressure sun shower still doesn’t manage to assert itself as a standard? The answer must be sought in high costs. As a matter of fact, a low pressure sun shower doesn’t have any problem as far as suntan uniformity is concerned. Tubes are adjoined and there are no shadow areas. High pressure Sun shower   normally uses “columns”, which are irradiant groups   of 5,6 7 sunlamps placed in vertical position and bulbs are placed on them.

This system has the advantage not to create a closed effect but, at the same time, it leaves wide shadow areas and a non uniform suntan on the whole body. The use of a large number of lamps leads to enormous costs (every single bulb must be dried out and a filter must be placed on it) and project problems. Anyway, it is the only way to get a nice and homogeneous suntan and it makes the high pressure sun shower to work in a beauty center. And the success gained with X6 Sun Shower (6 columns with 6 lamps for a total of 36 lamps) is the proof.

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