What you have to know to open, requirements, advice for beauty experts.

The suntan center has become a widespread activity. Nowadays, as we can see from market researches, there are 50.000 suntan centers and 200000 bronzing devices in use, only in Europe.

Which are the things you should know about suntan centers and their management?

Here we have grouped some advice and information which could be useful for you:

  1. The center uses the 220 V normal current for the services and the three-phase 380 V current for sunlamps. This kind of current must be required to electric company which will activate it subject to deposit. The electric system must be realized  and certificateed by an electrician put on the roll.
  2. In every cabin and on every device instructions must be placed in a visible place. Not to stare at the luminous emission must be indicated.
  3. Every bronzing device must be overhauled at least once a year by bronzing qualified companies which must leave a certificate of the overhaul. Every device must also indicate UV kind and emissions.(a stamp must be put on the coupon book of the device)
  4. Solarium must have an identification target with serial number and lamps used (if they are different from the lamps indicated, the certification lapses)

These are only information you should know, for a full prospectus, contact us.

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