Some Technical specs for your tanning device. The information here are valid for Smart solarium devices.

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Feeding of tanning device

Our devices are designed to be installed more easily as possible, also in tight rooms. Devices are delivered usually disassambled, so they can pass throught doors and windows.

All the solarium work with feeding at 400 volt three-phases.

spina 32 ampere

Machines are provided as standard with a cable with a plug:

  • 5 poles (RST + neutral + ground)
  • 32 Ampere
  • interblocked

The outlet must be positioned in an accessible position, at medium height (about 1,5 meters height) and not behind the device, but on the side of the wall of the room.

The wire for the line it must be to be at least 

presa interbloccata 32 ampere

6 square millimeters.

Is important that on the outlet the position of the neutral is respected as standard.

Ventilation of the room

In case you are going to install the device in a small room, is better to think to a ventilation system inside the room.

The machine ejects a big amount of hot air that can bring you a good support during cold winter, but can became a problem during summer, for the user in terms of comfort and for the device for its cooling.

Our suggest is to provide a good air recycle.

You can:

 1) Build a pipe system

You can install a pipe system on the top. Then all the machine will push the air inside the pipe and at the end of the pipe you have to have an extractor fan to remove the hot air.
It is very important to provide a good air entrance from the external of the building.

2) Put a thermostat connected with a fan.

A suggested solution, not expensive and easy to apply is to change the whole air of the room.
The suggestion is to make 6-8 full air change of the room every hour. You have to plan carefully how much cube meters of air you have to change (floor plant x height of the room) and then set an exit for the air with an extractor and an entrance with another fan. More is the distance between the two holes, better will be the condition. 
Pay attention to provide an adeguate air entrance from the external of the building, or the entire room will go in depressure, and the fan won't work.

In general is important to keep the temperature of the machine below 28 C° (better under 25 C°) to keep the best comfort for the user, and the best work for the machine.

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