The Ultimate RedLight Therapy LED

Collagen PDT LED Devices

The anti-wrinkle system that are revolutioning the beauty industry

The new Collagen Lamps are a new way to combat skin aging. Developed on the most recent studies on phototherapy, these lamps emits a particular red light that stimulates skin fibroblast’s to make new Collagen.

The process actived by the light is called photobiomodulation and raise the Collagen production up to 4 times the normal production value.

The photo-rejuvenation process against wrinkle

The Young Generation line, uses the biological reaction that the skin has when is lit with some particular wavelenght of light.

6 300x200In particular is scientifically proven (Here you can find a study on LED light made by Dr. David J. Golberg) hoiw in few weeks, is possible to obtein a visible decreasing of the wrinkle thanks to 633 nanometer wavelenght light.

Catalyzing this biologic process with Collagenol-633 you will can appreciate an excellent improvement of skin’s smothness and softness starting by the first session that consist in the application of Collagenol-633 combined with a Young Generation exposition.




How the light removes the wrinkles

The deserve of photorejuvenation is in absense of invasivity and in the fact that there isn’t any contraindications.

Photorejuvenation therapy as the propriety to stimulate directly the fibroblasts present in your skin, giving them energy that are used to increase natural collagen production. Collagen makes skin younger, more elastic and more soft.

Young Generation

Young Generation is the new line for who search an high performance photobiomodulation equipment.

The line is composed by Y1400F, Y1800B, Y3600B and Y3600V, four Collagen stimulation Devices and by Collagenol-633, the revolutionary photobiomodulation accelerator gel.


Proven Result in Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammatory effects, and Collagen Boost

People reported had a pain relief after 3 session*86%
Inflammation reduction after 10 session*55%
Improvement in smoothness of skin after 5 session*75%

*Internal study based on a survey made on 23 subjects. Age 35/60 years.


Visible results

Collagen Boost on Fibroblast is visible after 5 session with visible result


LED PREMIUM Technology

The latest photobiomodulation technology. Red light LEDs stimulate fibroblasts for skin improvement with collagen stimulation and an anti-aging effect along with anti-inflammatory action.

Forever Young

The duration of the LED technology is 15000 hours, it will never be necessary to replace them


Made in Italy

Made in Italy to guarantee the best quality

Incredible performance

You can have an incredible effect in just 20 minutes.

Post-workout regeneration

Get your energy back more quickly

High Power LEDs
NM Wavelenght


Italian production and design

Collagen Sunbed

Ultra Low Consumption


 Respect traditional redlight devices with fluorescent tubes the power is lower than 85%.

The Entire unit consumption is JUST 1500 Watt


Easy to Use

The unit is equipped with its On-Board Computer.

You can just enter and press start. That's all.

So easy.

Easy to use solarium
Breezer water mist sunbed

Breezer Water Technology

Enjoy a fresh session with the Breezer Technology, that allow to spray water with microdrops that immediately evaporate leaving you fresh and not wet.


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