FAQ on tanning machines and sunbeds

1. How long is life of high pressure bulbs or low pressure tubes?
We suggest, to keep UV output at 100%, to change tubes or bulbs after about 450 hours, equivalent to 2250 sessions of 12 minutes (the average minute of a session). Over this limit the bulb or the tube still work, but lose his tanning power gradually.

2. How much is the price for changing the lamps?
The total price is different for each machine. It is anyway in a range between 400 and 2000 euro.

3. Do Smart Technologies sell spare parts lamps?
Yes, and all spare parts are made for Smart Solarium devices and with Smart’s Logo.

4. What kind of maintenance might be needed on device during year of using?
The change of bulbs or tubes every 450 hours and a clean up of the filter and acrylic depending by how many dust there is in the room. Usually the clean up must be effected every 100 hours and require 1-2 hours. Can be done by anybody, it is sufficient to remove the acrilyc and clean with a cloth and neutral soap.

5. Which water I have to use for “breezer”?
Only demineralized or distiller water are ok. Others make guarantees decade.

6. What is the differences between high pressure tanning devices and low pressures ones?
The two technologies are slightly different. Low pressure uses tubes to emit UV, and have a higher percentage of UVB, that means a tanning that you can see after 5-6 hours after the session, but stays longer (till 7-10 days). High pressure uses bulbs with a filter to emit UV, has an higher percentage of UVA on the total (higher than low pressure) and brings a more fast tan (you can see the result just after the session) but for a shorter time (3-5 days).
What is better? There is no answer, the better technology is what you like more. For more information about the differences, take a look to “Differences from High and Low pressure tanning Technology

7. How many minutes for each tanning session?
In Smart Solarium devices we suggest to use a time between 8 and 14 minutes, depending your skin type, tan progression, and device model.

8. After how much session I will see the result?
In Smart Solarium devices almost every model let you get a good tan after one session. But many depends also by the skin type, the diet, and from individual factor.

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