Tanning lamps are divided into diffent types: facial tanning lamps (in general three-facials, quadrifacial and esafacial), sunbeds and tanning showers.

In general every one of them is for a different kind of customer and it has a different rhythm of functioning during the year (always take it into account if you decide to open a solarium).


Facial tanning lamp

This type of device bronzes the face. It is a  device which can be integrate with an armchair or have it separated with hand tans or back tans.


The price in the solarium could be 3-4 euros for the three-facial (according to the offers of the tanning salons) till 8 euros for the esafacial in some areas.

These devices work a lot during the winter and normally there are more of them than body tanning lamps in bronzing centers.

The models which Smart offers for this type are:

esafacial ALIEN 6

trifacial MASK

trifacial JET


Tanning shower or tanning booth (stand-up unit)

Sun showers are a kind of device which has developed from the 90s thanks to its tanning speed and uniformity and its hygiene. Sun shower could be either  high or low pressure and the price in the solariums varies from a minimum of 6 euros for the low pressure sun shower to a maximum of 14 euros for a high pressure shower.


The sun shower in general works uniformly during the whole year, but it has its work peaks during spring.

The models Smart offers for this type are five, more than the different kinds of low pressure sun shower:

High Pressure sun shower X6

High Pressure sun shower X5

High Pressure sun shower X4

Low Pressure sun shower Gold

Low Pressure sun shower Twister


Tanning bed or Sunbed

Sunbed is the classical type of device we can find in a solarium. Its user must lay down in the machine and he/she tans with longer exposure time which is made more comfortable with the position.

Here too, as the sun shower, we can find high and low pressure sun beds and the prices are variable. In general it could be 10 euros or 20 for the more high pressure advanced sun beds.

Smarts has 6 sun beds:

High Pressure tanning bed Vyper 360

High Pressure tanning bed Vyper 180

Low Pressure tanning bed Vyper 36T

Low Pressure tanning bed Vyper 18T

Mix Avatar tanning bed 

Mix Avatar Aqua tanning bed 

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