UV Filter: How important is it and how does it work?

UV filter is surely one of the main components in a high pressure device. The haloids bulb which is situated on high pressure devices,  emits a lot of radiations, and some of them are harmful for the skin (for example UVC rays). It is for this reason that it is absolutely necessary to place a filter between the bulb and the user.


UV filter allows us to choose the right mix of UV rays which flow from the sunlamp and to choose the suntan we want the device to give us.

That is why the UV filter determines the quality of the device.

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Why UVISOL filters?

Smart, which has always been specialized in the construction of high pressure devices, has decided that all the machines produced from 1st of April 2009 on, will exclusively have UVISOL95 filter. This filter, produced by the German Schott, leader  company in the realization of optical professional instruments, has the characteristics which differences it from all the other filters.

  1. 1. Very high UV spectrum on UVA rays and low on UVB
  2. 2. Low lightening in order to protect eyes from harmful consequences
  3. 3. Low infrared radiation. Practically, the filter transmits the heat less than the classical blue filters

Using the filtering crystal UVISOL95 Desag, Smart devices can guarantee a constant and particular mix of A rays, with a very low  B component, present particularly in wavelength 313/314 (the closest to A rays), universally known as the less aggressive on our skin.

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Smart Solarium is not the only business which uses UVISOL filters, others do (they usually rename the original name UVISOL with other commercial names), offering it as optional. Our merit is to place UVISOL filters on our equipment.

All this is because the quality of suntan is not an optional and skin protection too.

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