How to increase the profitability of your own Beauty Center and SPA


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Nowadays, because of the competition, of the momentaneous economic crisis, of the increase in costs, the margins of an aesthetic activity are more thick than in the past.

A condition, the one of the low margins, which can be improved through a proper management and a better focalization on the objectives we want to achieve.


We have decided to summarize some advice that can help you to increase the margins and the profitability of your center.

The synthetical instruments to reach the goal are:

-          More  loyalty of the customers

-          More new customers

-          A major earning margin on every single customer

These three intermediate goals may be reached through some tricks and strategies.


  • Be Kind

It might seem a banal advice but this basic norm is not respected. Be kind with everybody, pleasant and unpleasant customers, new and old ones. Kindness won’t cost you a lot, but it will be useful for you. Politeness and reception are not optional.

  • Often offer gadgets or discounts to your customers

IN particular with the new ones, but do it periodically even the ones you have already acquired. This will allow you to be remembered and to have more chance that the customer comes back in the future. A little discount may mean a great profit in a long term. Be generous.

  • Try to differentiate the prices range…

Your customers have all different economic possibilities, and they also have different ideas on how to spend their money. Try always to offer 2-3 price ranges for a treatment: an economic line, an intermediate one, and a luxurious one. This will allow you to get the maximum profit from every client.

  • ..but always offer the best quality/price value

Differentiating the price range is important but it is also important to offer products and quality services. Even in the basic treatment try not to save too much. Nowadays the customer always looks for the best quality/price value. In order to have success you have to give a lot and not ask too much. Keep it in mind.

redditività solarium estetica

  • Propose

It’s FUNDAMENTAL that you propose products and services you offer. It’s rare that the customers asks and a lot of them do not know all the things you want to offer them. This could lead you to increase the takings of 30—40%. Try to overcome shyness.

  • Make bundles

This is a not very used strategy, but it is the best to increase the margin.

Make a bundle means to unify different treatments to sell them in the same packet. Es: 3 esafacial sunlamps+2 face cleaning treatments

In this case you have to try to sell the esafacial sessions to the ones who wanted to have a face cleaning treatment and at the same time the face cleanings to the ones who only wanted to have the esafacial sunlamps (you have to try to offer treatments which work in synergy and make the result better, your fantasy plays an important role here).



Suggestions for solariums


Solarium is a fundamental treatment and it has the great advantage to have an important profit. Amortization excluded, the more the device works, the more you earn. The margin on the single treatment is high (a session may cost between 0,20euros and 1 euro for the current, comparing it to a sell price of 6-16).


The main advice in this case is: differentiate the price according to the period, in order to makee the device work as much as possible.


Sometimes it could happen that the device works a lot on Friday and Saturday and it does not work during the rest of the week.


You have to try, using the price as a regulator, to make the solarium work as much as possible during the week.


First of all, take into account that the solarium effect vanishes and the customer will come back. Knowing that the sunlamp is used on Friday and Saturday, to be ready during the weekend, try to propose aggressive offers in the first days of the week, with progressive brackets which decrease with the coming of the weekend.


Propose offers according to the timetable, for example a 50 %discount in the morning, o packets which are valid only in some days of the week.


Remembering that the more the device works, the more you earn, try not to cannibalize your market: an offer in a wrong moment may lead you to earn less since a customer will prefer to use the offer in order not to have the treatment afterwards.

If the offers are intelligent, you can use the 100 % of your investment and a good profit.


Other suggestions:

  • Create   a  Facebook page and try to gain clients with web personalized offers (they must be true!). This will allow you to have more prepared customers in case of news.
  • The word of mouth advertising is fundamental. Your work is the best business card. If there are very popular and influent people, try to make them high discounts or give them a treatment as a gift: advertising they will do will pay you.


Remember that a secret for success does not exist, but with many little tricks and with passion, results and satisfactions will come.

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